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Dental crowns are a versatile tool that can be used in many ways to restore your oral health. In fact, dental crowns are a very common form of dental restoration that is used to protect and preserve your smile.

Our dentists with Premier Dental in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are trained in helping others and offers dental crowns as a form of restoration. To help you understand the reasons a dental crown can help you, our team has provided you with this list:

-Dental crowns are helpful for repairing teeth that have shattered into pieces.

-Dental crowns can be used in situations when other treatment possibilities have failed.

-Dental crowns can be used to help support teeth that need fillings but not enough of the tooth is left.

-Dental crowns can be used as a covering over the top of dental bridges and implants.

-If you need to conceal a root canal, a dental crown can be used.

-Dental crowns are effective for improving the look of a tooth and its ability to work properly.

-If a child is at an elevated risk for tooth decay, dental crowns can safely be applied to their sensitive teeth.

-Dental crowns can last several decades.

As you can see the various ways a dental crown is used can be beneficial if you ever find yourself in need of one. If you need help with your oral health, or if you have questions and would like to make an appointment, please call us at (319) 294-2323 today. Drs. Rob Rodriguez, Shawn Ray, Bailey Hammerberg and Adrian Rehak are always happy to help you.